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Help me to: Know What’s Going on in Real Time

Whether you are a project manager running multiple projects or the owner of a construction company keeping up to date with your projects – time is a limited resource. So when you want to know the status of an RFI or a Change Order, or want to know what delays may need your attention then you want to access the data when you need it no matter where you are. You can with TriBuild.

TriBuild Cloud Construction Software

View Projects Anywhere

With a cloud based construction management software, you can access all the details about all your projects in real time, from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. From each project’s dashboard you can quickly see the status of overdue RFIs & Change Orders, see the latest field reports, and get a snapshot of the contract value and changes. Always be in the know.

All Construction Documents in the Cloud

Access all Documents

All documents and communications are stored centrally in TriBuild in a systemized way that makes finding them, viewing them, and updating them a breeze. Get the latest drawings, see open purchase orders, know what RFIs are yet unanswered and much more. If it isn’t in TriBuild, it doesn’t exist will become your new catch cry.

Construction Field Report Software

View Field Reports

The heart of your business happens out in the field where the team is working. With TriBuild, you can access all the details of what happened in the field as soon as it is updated. See what work was completed today, what issues were encountered, and be aware of what delays may be coming so you can take action.