Bid Invitations

Bid Invitations

TriBuild makes it easy to create, send, and track invitations to bid to your subcontractors, keeping everything in a single centralized cloud-based system. Once sent, your subcontractors will be able to access your project documents and drawings, and can then respond directly to the requests and start uploading any required documentation.

TriBuild Construction Bid Management Software Screen

Create and Send Customized Bids in Minutes.

Easily create and send invitations to bid to multiple subcontractors. View the open and activity logs so you know they were received and if they are being actioned upon.

Keep it Centralized and Under Control.

Being a cloud construction management software, TriBuild allows centralized secure access to all the plans & documents that will be needed by your responders, with viewing & download options by the user, but with secure control for you as they can be cut off access instantly if needed.

Cloud Construction Management Software
Manage Bid Processes

Manage the bid process across multiple subcontractors.

Easily add documents, notes, or answer questions that will be pushed to everyone on your bid list, reducing your administrative burden while ensuring everyone is current.

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