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Contract Management

Contract Management

No need to record your contracts in a spreadsheet or Word doc loaded to a local server anymore. With TriBuild you will have your contracts centrally created, organized and stored in the cloud construction software with access to all details and the ability to make notes and revisions to the contract from anywhere at anytime.

TriBuild Contractor Management

Contracts with Clients and Subcontractors

TriBuild provides you the ability to create and keep up to date with your contracts for all your clients and your subcontractors. When combined with the centralized document control you will rapidly replace your old, cumbersome to manage, manual process of files & folders and spreadsheets. TriBuild will be your one source of truth.

Centralized Document Control

When creating a contract in TriBuild you are able to associate all the relevant documents that a contract comprises of including plans and drawings, specifications, all addenda, modifications and changes, together with any other items stipulated as being specifically included. This is cloud based and therefore accessible to everyone who needs, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud based Contractor Management Software
TriBuild Contractor Software Screen

Originals and all Variations

From the TriBuild Contracts page you will get an instant understanding of where your project sits with a view that shows the original contract value plus/minus any approved change orders, plus/minus any contract revisions and to show a current total contract value. For extra visibility, every contract revision is listed out so that you may drill in and view the details. Everything is centrally and systematically organized and tracked so that nothing is missed and you can be fully aware of anything related to the project.

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