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Managing submittals no longer needs to be a burden on your construction business. Utilizing TriBuild’s cloud construction management software provides you a single solution to run submittals from receiving information from vendors and subcontractors through to the approval process with the general contractor, engineer, architect and owner. This process saves hours in assembly time, and ensures central accessibility to everything by your entire team.

TriBuild Cloud based Construction Submittals

Centralized Submittal Process & Documents

TriBuild consolidates all your submittal information into one central place where you can receive submittals for review from vendors & subcontractors, through to assembling them into your submittals to the client. All approvals, feedback, and approvals (with stamps) is tracked back into TriBuild against that project so everything is centrally available to all team members to access.

Granular Package Control

TriBuild’s submittal process allows you to customize the process and the documents you send to meet the requirements of your client and the individual project, making your life easier and keeping you in their good books. It also gives you granular control over what you are sending, making it simple to create and send submittals for grouped items, eg lighting packages or HVAC equipment.

Construction Submittal Process
TriBuild Submittal Software Screen

Reporting & Tracking

The beauty of a centralized cloud construction system is that all information can be tracked and all details reported against your project progress. Once a submittal package is sent you can track the status of the package, see the approvals as granular as one item at a time for all suppliers and equipment. You also have real time logs of all the communications between parties so you are always in the know about the current status in order to make informed decisions.

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