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Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing

TriBuild’s construction management software offers detailed budgeting and billing options designed for commercial construction contractors. Here you manage billing that includes progress against a schedule of values with the option to present it in a customized commercial invoice that meets your client’s requirements, or following an AIA style billing format. With TriBuild’s cloud based construction management platform you can create, review, approve, or send bills with up to the minute information at anytime from anywhere.

Construction Billing Software

Tailored Workflow

The TriBuild billing tools allow you to tailor the billing process to meet your needs and those of your clients. You can choose the format of the invoice to be received by the client based on the project from standard commercial invoices, to customized templates per project, through to AIA style applications for payment. You can create approval processes within your company to maintain quality & compliance with options of having PMs send bills direct to clients, or instead have them route through to your accounting team to create it in an ERP or accounting tool.

AIA Style Application for Payment

In modern commercial construction the AIA application for payment process is commonly accepted, but it is often complicated to manually prepare. TriBuild takes the pain away and helps you calculate and complete the AIA request for payment forms, formats it, and then can send and track them for you.

TriBuild Construction Invoice Software Screen
Contractor Invoice Software

Change Order & Schedule of Value Flow Through

In order to ensure you don’t miss billing items, any approved change orders flow straight through to the schedule of values and are pulled into the billing so you don’t need to remember to manually add them in. It’s almost like it’s on autopilot.

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