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Having a strong construction management procurement method will not only control costs but solve many contractor communications issues that can cost you time and money, ultimately ensuring quality profit margins on your projects. By using TriBuild’s centrally controlled, standardized cloud-based procurement, you will expedite standard procedures and remove the lengthy paper process of manual systems. Creating purchase orders and subcontracts is the start, but burdensome paperwork management is also removed downstream where your teams will easily upload records of things like packing lists and subcontractor reports as a PDF in the field, directly to daily logs – paperwork filing be gone.

TriBuild Purchase Order Management screen

Purchase Order Management

The Purchase Order software included with TriBuild’s construction management software will allow everyone on the team to have full insight to all your POs, searchable by job, equipment, supplier and parts, plus gives you the flexibility to add a Bill of Materials or enter order items on the fly while automatically creating a committed job cost including cost codes. In order to keep the project moving and help teams proactively manage schedules, you will be able to quickly update Pos including delivery shipping, entry date, or modify line items including quantity, cost codes, list amounts, part numbers and discount amounts and more.

Subcontractor Management

Protect yourself from risk with the included Subcontractor management software to create subcontractor agreements.  Use the provided Subcontractor Agreement template to include project timeline, scope of work, communication protocol, supply chain, Defense & Indemnification, insurance bonds & liens, warranties, arbitration, conditional payment clauses and payment terms or customize your own to fit your needs!

Subcontractor Management Software Use
TriBuild Construction Procurement Software Features

Invoice Approvals

The invoice approval workflows allow you to validate vendor invoices against the commitment schedule of value, validate credentials like insurance documents, and move the invoice through your internal approval process. This includes margin protecting actions like comparison of actual costs to ordered costs.

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