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At the end of the day, it is critical to get paid for the work your company does. As a business owner or project manager you have a responsibility to ensure that you get paid fairly for the work you perform. Often the difference between getting paid or not comes down to how well you have documented your work and captured the interactions with your clients and subcontractors. Here are a few ways in which TriBuild helps you get paid.

Cloud Storage Files

Manage Change Orders

Change Orders happen on every project. Using TriBuild you can easily log every change order request, and then get reminders to follow up on it. All change orders that are accepted are automatically added to the contract value and the billing ensuring it is never lost. Because everything is centrally located you always have the supporting documents for your billings if challenged.

Construction Billing Workflow Software

Bill Quickly and Accurately

Faster, clearer invoicing allows you to get paid for the work you do. Quickly produce invoices that calculate retainage, charge for stored materials, and output an AIA Style invoice.

Detailed Schedule of Values

Detailed Schedule of Values

TriBuild allows you setup a detailed and granular schedule of values (SoV) so that it matches the progress of the project. That way you can bill quickly when sections are completed without the need to try and substantiate why you are claiming a certain percentage against a single line item for the whole project.