Who is TriBuild?

The TriBuild Story

At TriBuild, we saw a need for a better, easier and less expensive way for medium and small contractors to manage their commercial construction projects.

The only options available to the average contractor has traditionally been time consuming and error ridden spreadsheets or expensive and complicated software built for large corporations.

We saw an opportunity to help fill the gap and built a construction management software solution designed for specialty contractors and self-perform general contractors.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced people from both the construction and technology industries who came together to build something original and needed.

We are devoted to hands on training & support and know our clients by name, not numbers.

Foundations of TriBuild

Construction is a tough game, highly competitive, tight margins, tighter timeframes, and crazy working conditions & hours. Even more so for the small and medium sized contractor. We built TriBuild focused on delivering software to a very specific market - the small and mid-sized commercial construction companies. We focus on delivering solutions to this market. To ensure that what we did always makes sense for that market, we have framed ourselves around three foundational principles that drive our company.

Tribuild Construction management software for builders and contractors
Usable TriBuild Construction project management software
Affordable TriBuild Construction management software

Tools for Everyone

For too long the powerful software to really help construction companies improve efficiency was exclusively in the hands of the big players with deep pockets. We wanted to build comparable tools that were accessible to everyone.

Make it Usable

Let’s face it, you’ve got stuff to build and don’t have time to learn bloated, over complicated software. Well we don’t want to make it either. Everything we do is to make your job easier, and we do that by packing TriBuild with only the essential tools needed so that you’ll actually use it.

Make it Affordable

Your business operates in an industry with tight margins and loads of uncertainty – we get it. To do our bit to help, we built TriBuild to be easily affordable for even the smallest businesses, with prices that simply make sense. Don’t give away a percentage of your revenue – build & grow with certainty instead.

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