Delays and issues

Delays and Issues

Delays and Issues

Tracking and recording delay events and issues encountered on site is critical to every commercial construction project. Every delay costs contractors and their clients serious time and money. Costs from change events caused by issues or delays on site can also fall unfairly on you if the evidence to support a claim isn't clear, well documented, or properly signed off. TriBuild provides the real time tools you need to be able to quickly and easily capture delays & issues as they occur so you can get them properly recorded, and into the hands of the people that need to know and make decisions.

Construction Field Management

No Delays with your Delays & Issues

With TriBuild’s construction cloud technology, you and your team can capture the details of a delay or other issues directly in the field and log it straight into the system. You can create drafts, finalize the delay or issue report and have it instantly emailed to all relevant parties – on any device, any time. This real time awareness speeds decisions, reduces costs, and keeps the project moving.

Reduce Errors & Lost Information

Because your team can capture the details in the field directly into the TriBuild system, you remove the risk of information not being recorded because it was forgotten, or the paperwork was lost. You also remove the administrative burden of needing to re-type all the information from the field paperwork into a system back in the office and then manually email that off with attachments to relevant parties – it’s all done once in one easy process.

Construction Field Reporting Software
TriBuild Construction Field Management Screen

Delays Directly Linked to Your Daily Reports

Each delay or issue report is a standalone report, combined with field reporting it rolls up into your master daily reporting (construction site diary). This means that all the details, date & time, related attachments (such as images or video captured from the field), and correspondence with your client are recorded in one place and linked through your master daily reporting for proper record keeping and as future supporting documentation should you need it.

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