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Help me to: Allow my team to be more productive

We all know that in construction small inefficiencies can lead to big delays or costly errors. Just look at rework due to poor document control for example, a US study revealed that such rework can cost as much as $4.2 billion a year.

If small inefficiencies can lead to be big cost impacts, then incremental improvements in the way your business runs can deliver big gains in time and money.

When productivity improves in your construction business:

  • Projects are completed faster
  • Your costs are reduced
  • You can be more efficient in your future bidding
  • Profitability is improved

Here are a few ways in which TriBuild can help you and your team improve productivity:

Real Time Construction Data

No more Double Entry of Data or Lost Paperwork

When you give your teams in the office and in the field access to TriBuild, then all important information is collected on the spot in real time and stored centrally, immediately. This means reducing errors from retyping information to the system at a later date from handwritten notes, or worse yet, getting no information updated because it is forgotten or lost.

Construction Cloud Document Storage

Central Document Storage & Control

When using TriBuild, all team members use the one centralized system to create documents like RFIs & Change Orders, store files like drawings, and complete & receive all correspondence with all stake holders so that nothing happens outside of the system. This means that everything is accessible to everyone who needs it, when they need it. There are no delays in finding information, no files or correspondence stuck on someone’s laptop when they are off sick, and no major delays getting a new team member up to speed on a project.

Remote Construction Work

Remote Working

A modern cloud construction management software like TriBuild allows you to effectively manage a remote team, including those working from home and other remote locations. The ability for all people involved in the project to access the same files and information makes your office file server obsolete. Because it allows everyone to access information anywhere anytime, it makes it easy for everyone to remain productive no matter the circumstances.