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Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Time Tracking in TriBuild is a tool to allow your field team members to record time, attendance, labor codes to projects, and calculates total regular and overtime hours worked. Time can be tracked for each employee to a project including the labor cost codes which will then automatically update against the budgets for that project. In addition, time can be recorded for payroll that is not assigned to a project, for example toolbox meetings, training, or other paid non-project events.

TriBuild Construction Time Tracking Screen

Configurable Time Periods

Using TriBuild’s Time Tracking functionality you can create pay periods that you wish to track that meet your standard payroll cycle, or those of the projects you are working.

Assign Different Cost Codes or Projects

As your employees work across different sections of a project, the time worked per employee in each section can be accurately recorded and costed to the project, and then updated to the budget module that will ensure accurate billing. Employees can also record time worked across multiple projects.

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Field Entry or Office Entry

The times being recorded can be entered directly with the project by the field team members, or by the foreman/supervisor. Times entered in the field are locked down to that project to avoid entry errors. Alternately a PM or admin team can enter collected times in a management entry view that allows access to all projects. Flexibility and control in the one solution.

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