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Help me to: Keep Project Docs and Files in one Place

One of the biggest issues facing many people in their construction day is getting timely access to correct and updated documents and files. Working off the wrong set of drawings creates costly rework, delays in receiving RFI responses slows down your progress, delays in receiving delivery updates for materials can create scheduling conflicts and timing issues. TriBuild keeps all your documents, drawings, and communications in the one centralized, systemized place that is accessible from anywhere so you can keep working at the pace you need.

All File Types

All File Types

TriBuild will store all your project related files from drawings, to spec sheets, to images and videos. TriBuild also keeps all correspondence associated with the project including responses from the client, vendors and sub-contractors. If it’s not in TriBuild, it doesn’t exist will be your new catch cry.

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No More Guessing

Ever find yourself asking “Is the file on the PMs laptop?”, “did we load that up to the file server?”, “what did you name that drawing, I can’t find it?”, “who got emailed the submittal package?”. With all files and correspondence centrally managed in TriBuild, you no longer need to try and guess where the information is that you need – it’s simply in TriBuild associated to the relevant stage of the project.

Cloud Storage Files

Accessible by All

As soon as file is added to a project, or some form of correspondence is sent or received in TriBuild, it is instantly accessible by all the relevant team members whether they are in the office or the field. This means no more waiting while someone downloads a file to forward on to you, no chasing up a copy of an email to be forwarded. Whoever needs it simply accesses it when they need it from wherever they are.