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Field Reporting

Field Reporting

The daily field report in TriBuild is the digital age version of the old paper based site diary or little black notebook. With TriBuild’s cloud-based construction platform you can still record all the daily conditions and events, deliveries, work completed, client’s additional instructions or requested changes etc. – but instead of needing to write it down on paper then re-key to an electronic document – you do it all one time, directly into the software. In the case of legal disputes the saying goes “he with the best documentation wins” – and that is certainly true of construction. With TriBuild’s field reporting, you will always be the one with The best documentation.

Construction Field Reporting Files

Capture Everything

Keeping an accurate account of what has occurred on site during a day is essential for legal protection, and for ensuring that the off-site project administrators are kept up to speed on the progress in order to keep the project rolling. With TriBuild’s cloud solution your team in the field can capture who was on site and record their times, what time work started & finished, what the weather conditions were, any incidents/accidents, deliveries to site, and progress of the job. You can also snap photos & videos of progress or issues, load up copies of delivery dockets and more.

Always Up to date Information

Capturing everything that happens in the field on every project every day in real time means that your project managers and the business owners can get an accurate picture of the status of the project, be alerted to anything that they need to know so they can take action swiftly, and of course to see if we are on track and on budget. That’s the power of always on cloud technology – the information at your finger tips anywhere, anytime.

Construction Project Tracking Software
Full Daily Construction Report

Combined Reporting

The Daily Master Field Report rolls up all your issue reports, delay reports, and daily field reports into a single all-encompassing view of everything that happened on a project in a day. TriBuild also allows you to run multi-day reports so that you can pull in all the details of issue reports, delay reports, and daily field reports for a date range into a single all-encompassing view of everything that happened on a project over those days. Never be behind in your knowledge of what is happening on a project site again.

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