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Change Orders

Changes happen in commercial construction with great frequency. Digital management of changes reduces your risks and increases your likelihood to be paid correctly for your work. For a modern, fast paced construction business, trying to manage these changes manually is extraordinarily difficult, and prone to expensive failure. Strong change order management requires a cloud based construction management tool like TriBuild that helps you track the contracts for your projects, that allows you to have central control of the process of creating proposed change orders (PCOs) and receiving the signed instructions back so they are linked to the original contract. In addition, cloud software allows the total contract values including change orders and their associated budgets all accessible from the office and the field, at any time on any device.

Engineering Change Order Software

Create Customized Change Requests

In TriBuild you can create different templates for change requests to meet the needs of your different clients & projects. This ensures that no matter who creates the change request, you know that it will meet the requirements for your client to ensure fast response with minimal delays. This also applies to RFPs that you may send out to vendors and subcontractors.

Track & Store

All your change orders and RFPs will be created in and sent from TriBuild where they are logged against the project for everyone in the team to access as needed. Once they have been responded to you will see all the details including date & time of acceptance, who approved, pricing details, other notes and more.

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Change Order Management Software

Link Changes to RFIs, Specs, and Contracts

Once a change order has been approved by your client, using TriBuild you will now easily link those change orders to relevant RFIs to ensure you have a full picture of the change, you will also be able to link it to the correct project spec documents so everyone is clear on the work to be done. This process will also update your contract value so you can keep track of the financial picture in real time.

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