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Help me to: Quickly Get Answers

As a construction business owner or as a Project Manager you are often looking for answers to help you make better decisions or keep your clients & team up to date. When you need to know specific details on any project you don’t want to have to sift through piles of paperwork or trawl through spreadsheets or need to call people and wait for updates – you want to access the data when you want it. You can with TriBuild.

Construction Standards

Status of Project Information

When you need to the know the latest status on any part of a project such as what RFIs, Submittals & Change Orders have been sent and what have been approved, through to the status of a material requisitions and sub contracted work orders, just look in TriBuild. As your systemized, centralized construction management software everything is there at your fingertips no matter where you are or what time you are looking.

Managing Project Risks

Managing Project Risks

Managing risks is part of the job in construction. TriBuild gives you tools that help you better manage those risks to reduce impacts on the business. Whether it is ensuring all correspondence is recorded between your team and a client so you can always validate the course of action you took, or the fact that your teams will be recording delays in real time from the field so you are aware of them and can manage the downstream impacts quickly – TriBuild does that and more to help you.

Construction Project Review Software

Financial Performance

At the end of the day let’s not forget that we are running a business. Utilizing TriBuild will help you quickly see how a project is performing financially, give you a status of current contract value including all revisions & changes, and give you all your billing status with percentage billed, amounts paid etc. Always be in the know.