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TriBuild was built to make the RFI process less painful by making it easier to create, send, track, and get responses from the other party. On an average commercial construction project there are 10 – 15 RFIs per $1 million of project value, the average response time is 8 days, and around 25% of them get no response at all! The delays or non-response in RFIs can create real risk in your construction business, be it delays while you wait or cost impacts for work performed with incomplete information. RFIs can be a big "suck" with the average time taken to create and send an RFI being 45 minutes. When you put in TriBuild’s cloud construction software you can complete them in 10 minutes and never lose track of an RFI again.

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Standardized Process, Customizable RFI

Like most if us in construction, you will have created & sent RFIs in all manner of way from emails to paper forms to online requests. The problem with that approach is you lose consistency and visibility. With TriBuild managing your RFIs in the cloud you can run a standard process each time that ensures you cover all the questions ensuring that each RFI is consistent no matter who sends it from your organization. It is sent through a consistent method and every single response is recorded correctly with date & time stamps against the project for everyone to see. You can also create customized RFI templates to ensure that you meet the requirements of your clients.

Simple to Create, Send, and Track

The TriBuild RFI software is designed to be a powerful tool to ensure that you collect the information you need with the simplicity of a repeatable process. Once your RFI is created it is emailed through TriBuild where you can track the status in real time. You’ll be alerted to RFIs with responses and those that are overdue so that you can keep on building.

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Construction Project rfi Software Benefits

Increase Response Rates & Shorten Time to Respond

Since all your RFIs will be consistent in their questions and format they will be easier for the recipient to review and answer. TriBuild RFIs get delivered to the recipient in an email where they simply click on a link and then record the answers in a web form which is then updated directly into the project. This webform process makes it simple for the respondent to answer the questions without needing to write emails or complete other documents. These factors combined mean that your RFIs are likely to be responded to faster than the others because you are making their life easier.

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