Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Considering that 50% of commercial construction projects start off without complete documents and drawings, the need for RFIs & changes is inevitable. TriBuild’s comprehensive construction project management system gives you everything you need to manage the construction process to keep the project on track. As a construction cloud tool it is available where you need it whether it’s in the office, in the field or at home.

TriBuild Systemized Construction Submittal Software


Submittal workflows can be cumbersome to manage in a manual process. The TriBuild submittal software is a workflow that provides you a systemized tool to help structure the process and ensure that you capture all the correct details before submitting, and to ensure that you get notified of revisions requests or changes needed by collaborating directly with the approver.


TriBuild provides the perfect tool set to manage the flow of requests for information (RFIs) on all of your projects. With TriBuild’s RFI software you can create, send, receive, review, share and track any RFIs from any stakeholder in your project, as well as integrate to Procore’s RFI system to keep your GC up to date. The TriBuild RFI system reminds you of outstanding RFIs and ensures that none of them fall through the cracks due to no response.

TriBuild’s RFI Software Functions
TriBuild Construction Change Order Software

Change Orders

The process of change management has a lot of moving parts, getting something wrong in this process can potentially leave you to carry the costs. The TriBuild change order software makes sure you get paid for all the work you do by proactively helping you manage the change order process. You will have a robust, comprehensive platform to manage this complexity and move through all the stages from proposed change orders to approved change orders and eventually have it post through to the revised contract value and billing – nothing will go unbilled with TriBuild in place.

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